Looks matter. The clean lines and bold colors of Ultrex will make your home or business beautiful.
Ultrex finish is superior and much smoother than competitors.

Superior finish.

Ultrex's finish is a patented, mechanically bonded finish, giving a much smoother appearance, compared to the competitive finishes that are painted on and can be unsightly.

Ultrex products have cleaner lines than vinyl competitors.

Bonded for life.

All Ultrex products feature a patented, mechanically bonded finish. This acrylic finish is up to three times thicker than traditional finishes and resists the fading that can plague other composite materials. Because of its unique structural bond to the Ultrex surface, it resists dings, mars and scratches like no other painted finish.

Ultrex finish is superior and much smoother than competitors.

Thin is in.

Strong narrow profiles with clean detailed lines. You won’t find vinyl or other fiberglass products that look this great. Only Ultrex has the rigid strength required for maximum views and great looks.

Colors, colors, colors.

The superior UV-resistance of the special acrylic finish means you can
order Ultrex in a variety of rich, dark colors you won't find in vinyl or
other composite products.

Ultrex finish is available in many color options to suit your needs.
Ultrex components meet higher standards than the competition.

Ultrex offers unmatched performance.

The Ultrex patented coating system is AAMA 623-10 certified and is listed on the exclusive AAMA Verified Components List for 624-10 and 625-10 – a claim the competitors can't match. This includes passing rigorous tests for impact, abrasion and cleaner resistance, plus cold and oven testing. It's further proof windows and doors made of Ultrex are best in class.